Pleased to Announce the New Office

Geo-Matters Managing Director; Mark Lewis; is proud to announce the opening of our new Eastwood office ...


The NHBC Presentation

Geo-Matters Limited were invited by the NHBC to prepare and deliver a presentation on ‘Ground Investigation ...


Geo-Matters are expanding

Geo-Matters are proud to announce that we have doubled our staff levels within the last twelve months ...


Geo-Matters Employee joins S.E.E.

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NHBC ‘Building for Tomorrow’ Talks

Geo-Matters Limited were invited by the NHBC to prepare and deliver a presentation on ‘Ground Investigation – Best Practice’ as part of the recent nationwide ‘Building for Tomorrow’ seminar season. This series of conferences toured across the UK, with events taking place from London to Glasgow. The focus and theme of this year’s events was ‘the route to quality’, and as part of this, our James Regan gave a presentation on how a good quality ground investigation and report should be prepared and delivered. The talk, which was prepared and delivered in conjunction with Dr. Andy Goodwin of Surepath Training, also included a look forward toward new and emerging national standards which are likely to change the way in which sites are investigated and assessed in future.

The standards that are used to prepare and deliver desk studies and ground investigations across the UK have changed, and new guidelines are now in place. However, awareness of these documents is limited, and one of the goals of the presentations was to inform our target audience about the changing face of such works as we move forward toward a new era of ‘best practice’. The talks were aimed at housebuilders, several of whom had detailed questions about how these changes would affect the way in which they had their sites investigated. Each talk was supplemented by an open ‘question and answer’ session in which all such queries were discussed and explored.

James said “It was great for Geo-Matters Limited to be invited to be a part of this series of events. We enjoyed preparing the talks, and it was great to deliver them to the audiences across the UK. By talking to various housebuilders we were also able to get a more detailed idea of their concerns, thoughts and aspirations for future investigation works.”

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